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Material Returns

Ordered materials that are to be returned to a vendor for any reason should be coordinated through Central Distribution Services and the Purchasing Department. A return material authorization (RMA) number will be obtained from the vendor either by the requesting Department or the Purchasing Department. The RMA number does not indicate payment for shipping charges; it only authorizes return of the material.

The Department (customer) will notify CDS when materials are ready to be picked up at their department location by completing our Pick-Up and Shipping Request Form. Customers can fill out and submit the form online, or print the form, fill it out manually, and then submit the completed form via fax to CDS at 814-865-5533.

Customers will keep a copy for their records and place a copy on the return for easy identification when our delivery driver arrives for pickup. When the completed form is received by CDS, a member of our staff will process the form for our delivery team to pick up.

All material pickups will be scheduled during normal delivery routes. Typical response times from receipt of notice, to pickup at your department, to ship-out ranges anywhere from 24 to 48 hours depending on the time of day we receive the notice. Requesting departments may also bring materials to CDS.

Departments (customer) should contact CDS for arrangements and instructions on correct packaging and labeling. Materials to be returned must be in their original packaging. CDS cannot pick up loose merchandise; material must be in a sealed package. If strapping, stretch wrapping, or palletizing is required, make a note in the Comments section on our Pick-Up and Shipping Request Form and we will take care of that for you prior to shipment.