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Cylinder Gas

cylinder gas, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, propane and other gas containers next to each other

Pricing and Lead-time

Compressed gases and related hardware are only available to University Park.

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Order Cylinder Gas

Complete this form and submit it to General Stores before 2:30 PM. 

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Return Empty Cylinders

Once you submit your Return Form, you will receive an email notification of your transaction for your records.

Tracking, Delivery, and Leaks

General Stores receives and tracks cylinders to the original delivery location only.   The department or area is responsible for tracking the cylinders internally to ensure cylinders are not misplaced or lost. Keeping an internal inventory of your on-hand cylinders will allow you to verify these cylinders with cylinders listed on your monthly billing statement. It is highly recommended someone is present to sign for deliveries. This allows General Stores to record the signature and delivery electronically. If no one is present, General Stores personnel will sign “NOP” (No One Present) and General Stores will not be responsible for the cylinders delivered.

Cylinders with suspected leaks should be reported to General Stores immediately. After hours, please contact University Police at 863-1111, 911, or Praxair at 800-641-4357 (Emergency number located on the cylinder).

Billing Process and Discrepancies

On the first working day of the month, a report is prepared for each general ledger and cost collector. Please review the summary each month (or forward to the person responsible for your compressed gas cylinder program) for verification of the monthly charges.  Please contact Arielle Eyerman at 865-8620 with any questions concerning your monthly summary, account changes, transfers and closings.

Please note any discrepancies with your monthly bill summary must be reported to General Stores within 60 days of the order to receive a credit. General Stores will look into each discrepancy with the department to determine if a credit is warranted.