Pick Up and Shipping Requests

Departments can schedule freight pick-up with Central Distribution Services (CDS) by completing a Common Carrier Bill Of Lading and a CDS Pick-Up and Shipping Request Form

If freight is being paid by Penn State University then it is recommended that you use the university’s contracted freight company(s). The current University contracted freight carrier for the east coast is Ward Trucking and FedEx Freight for the mid and western states as well as internationally.

You may acquire a Bill Of Lading by contacting the freight carrier or completing the form online. Other common carriers are available; please contact Central Distribution Services at 814-865-8620 who can provide contact information for the carrier that best meet your shipping needs.

All material pickups will be scheduled during normal business hours - 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Typical response times from receipt of notice, to pickup at your department, to ship-out ranges anywhere from same day to 24 to 48 hours depending on the time of day we receive the notice. Requesting departments may also bring materials to CDS. 

Contact CDS for arrangements and instructions on correct packaging and labeling. CDS cannot pick up loose merchandise; material must be in a sealed package, on a skid(s) or pallet jack accessible. If additional packing/strapping/ skid is required, make a note in the Materials List section on our Pick-Up and Shipping Request Form and we will "repack" for you prior to shipment. There will be additional fees for this service.

What to do for an Out-Bound Freight Shipment

  1. Complete a Common Carrier freight Bill Of Lading by generating online: (Questions - call Central Distribution Services (814) 865-8620 or (814) 863-0317).

    Ward Trucking Bill of Lading
    Ward Trucking phone number: 1-800-458-3625

    FedEx Freight Bill of Lading
    FedEx Freight phone number: 1-866-393-4585
  2. Complete and submit CDS Pick-Up and Request Form.
  3. Email copy of the Bill of Lading to [email protected] or fax (814) 863-7668.
  4. Please attach a copy of the Bill Of Lading to the freight that is being picked up for easy identification.
  5. Departments should keep a copy for their records.
  6. Once freight is received and processed at our warehouse, CDS will contact the freight carrier for pick-up.