We will assist University departments with outbound shipments through our contracted carrier(s) on request for both domestic and international shipments. 

Shipping services may include:

  • Standard/ Normal outbound freight
  • Materials returned to vendors
  • Return of duplicate shipments
  • Equipment returned for repair
  • Return of damaged or defective equipment
  • Exchange of equipment or materials
  • Return of loaned equipment/ material 

Contracted Freight Carrier(s)

Ward Trucking (domestic only)

FedEx Freight (domestic and international)

  • Domestic freight carrier, middle and western states
  • LTL customer service, 1-866-393-4585
  • eCommerce/my account help desk, 1-800-435-7949
  • Bill of Lading for FedEx Freight

* After completing BOL please email to [email protected].

* If you have any questions please contact CDS at 814-865-8620.

Bill Of Lading and Pick-Up Shipping Request Form  

The department must complete all required information on the Common Carrier Bill Of Lading and Central Distribution Services Pick-Up and Shipping Request Form.

How to complete a Bill of Lading:

  1. Shipper field must be completed.
  2. Consignee field must be completed.
  3. If shipper is not paying for freight charges, the "Bill Freight Charges to" field must be completed.
  4. Description of articles field must be completed (units, description, weight, and class or NMFC#)
  5. Questions about freight NMFC# or class, contact Ward Trucking or FedEx Freight.
  6. Hazardous material/freight - Bill of Lading emergency number field must be completed and all necessary hazmat documentation must be attached to freight. See Hazardous Materials for additional information.
  7. Email completed BOL to [email protected].


We will assist departments with packing the material. (Limited to paper wadding and cushioning within cardboard containers and address labeling.) We do not crate material. Strapping, shrink wrapping, and skids are available at an additional fee. Contact CDS for additional information at 814-865-8620.

Payment of freight charges  

Depending on the reason for the return, freight charges may apply and will be charged to the requesting department using the billing information entered in the Common Carrier Bill Of Lading and Pickup and Shipping Request Form. Motor freight charges are billed to Purchasing Services (Accounts Payable) and then direct billed to the respective department by Accounting. If the vendor is paying the shipping charges; the department will need to obtain from the vendor their carrier of choice and account number. 

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)  

C.O.D. shipments cannot be arranged through Central Distribution Services.