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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcome 2017!

It’s a fresh start to the 2017 year.
Spread General Stores’ office and janitorial supplies cheer.
Celebrate with exclusive Penn State pricing.
Shop on eBuy, where there’s no overpricing!

Ring in savings from General Stores.
Don’t forget! We sell sustainable products galore.
Orders with other suppliers can be scary.
Let’s keep the Nittany Lion merry.

eBuy makes the Nittany Lion roar.
Order chemicals to clean your floor.
Stock your first aid kits.
Measure for new furniture to make sure it fits.
Increase use of recycled paper.
Make virgin paper vapor!

The Nittany Lion will be pleased; we are not ‘lion’,
Login eBuy and start 2017 General Stores buyin’.

Happy New Year from General Stores. We wish you success in 2017.

For product questions please contact General Stores at (814) 863-0317 or e-mail generalstores@psu.edu.

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