Ace sustainability with General Stores

Ace sustainability with General Stores
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Together we can make Penn State’s environmental footprint clean.
By investing in items that are recycled, compostable, or green.

How can we help the University reach sustainable goals?

Purchase compostable lids, stirrers, cups, plates, and bowls.


Check mark ‘recycled goods’ in your General Stores eBuy browsing.

Buy a package, carton, or roll of compostable liners - like Penn State Housing.

Don’t forget to stock your paper towels, soaps, sanitizers, tissues, and floor pads.

Or print on recycled paper like our students in Penn State’s computer labs.


The first 89 pages of General Stores’ catalog are in stock and ready to deliver.

The sustainable and compostable pricing comparisons will make you shiver.

Some green products cost a lower amount.

Surprise your financial officer when less is deducted from your account.


We want sustainability at the University to earn an A+,

The only way we can get there is with the power of us.

General Stores’ mission is to supply the best.

You can login General Stores eBuy and help with the rest!


Thank you to our customers purchasing sustainable and compostable products! If you’d like to convert or have questions about sustainable or compostable products, please contact General Stores.



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